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A project log for Coffee Cup Polymerase Chain Reaction Machine

PCR machines copy DNA. The CCPCR uses a coffee cup, an Arduino and a few other items.Cost to build is about 25$.

Paul McCabePaul McCabe 10/09/2017 at 17:500 Comments

The current code, CCPCRv1, runs the following fixed routine. 

0. Raise temp to 95C

1. Stay at 95C for 120 seconds

2. Stay at 95C for 15 seconds

3. Drop temp to 55C

4. Stay at 55C for 15 seconds

5. Raise temp to 68C

6. Stay at 68C for 45 seconds

7. Raise temp to 95C

*8. Repeat steps 2 through 17 nineteen times. *(Not Implemented yet)

9. End

Use the Arduino IDE serial port monitor to watch progress.