seemingly reactionless drive, unbal. gravity wheel

Aim of this project is to build a very simple rotor that has no visible or directly viewable stator, introducing the "reactionless drive".

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The unbal. gravity wheel drive will be an entry to the hackady contest.
The wheel (rotor) creates a Moment and turn without the need of a directly visible stator at which it can push inorder to create that moment.
Since the wheel uses a field effect which we tend to call gravity, the wheel may or may not impress the counter moment (which some need to make the sum of all moments zero) on the center of the earth itself.
Thereby the gravity wheel is not a closed system, The gravity wheel is a widley open system and reaches out at least to the ionosphere of our planet.
Although it sounds very complicated to achive such powerfull interaction on a simple device, the realisation is simple, as it is. Due to simplizity the seemingly reactionless drives it is not as capable as other systems presentated in many papers and patents, but the system is extremly easy to replicate and therefore allows to explore some of the peculiar features that come along with it.

The wheel has some very special features.

If the wheel is freefalling the connection to the stator gets lost and it cannot create any amount of usfull Moment.

If the wheel is accelareted upwards the connection strength to the stator gets increased and the wheel can potentially create more output moment.

A challenge we face is for example that science is not very clear about the concept of s reactionless drive or seemingly reactionless drive. Furthermore it gets confused with overunity. This drive of the very simple  type of seemingly reactionless is a material manifestation of it and therefore makes it very clear and easy clear to grasp the concept. First the mind will change and finally this change will change the world. The mind can only understand when he sees a physical prototype but not believes the hot air talking when the mind was somehow convinced by something else before. This project is not addressing problems on a material level. Because the material level is not where the problems come from, and therefore can hardly be solved there, but the physical can speak directly to the mind and this is what this wheel is doing.

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