• Phase 1

    kyencha08/21/2014 at 02:10 0 comments

    SpaceBots Phase 1 shall consist of the following: acrylic frame panels and braces, a combined temperature, pressure and humidity sensor, a 2.4GHz (ISM-band) transceiver, and an Arduino-capable microcontroller (most likely ATMEGA328 for now).

    A consideration not to be forgotten is outgassing of potential platform materials.  Through some research ti appears NASA keeps a rather detailed list of such things.  Guess it's time to get reading.

  • Comms. Considerations

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    Since there will undoubtedly be more than one of these SpaceBots! in operation, its logical that they should be aware of each other.  This could be taken further, with a collaborative arrangement made between different SpaceBots!

    Communications will probably be through cheap, readily available means in early phases, such as ISM-band transceivers or Bluetooth / BLE.

  • Sensors

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    List of potential sensors (not in project phase order):

    - temperature

    - humidity

    - pressure

    - light (intensity, wavelength)

    - accelerometer

    - relative / absolute position

    - visual (camera)

    - audio (microphone)

  • Overview

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    Small, light flying robots designed for use in pressurized space environments.  Main propulsion should be fans (though there may be problems with micro-gravity and inertial moments of fans).  The first phase systems will use micro-controller development platforms (probably Arduino); later phases may transition to faster ARM architectures.  The intent is sensing, so cameras, temp/humidity/pressure, light, etc. sensors are fair game.