Interactive Concrete Star Table

A concrete table that holds a fiber optic night sky with interactive constellations, inductive charging and home automation interface.

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This table has been and ongoing project of mine. I first fell in love with concrete tables about a year and a half ago. Intrigued by the designs of Brandon Gore and several other studios, I set out to make a few samples. I befriended a restauranteur who wanted a concrete bar and the work began. After we completed the bar, I played around with integrating electronic components into the concrete.

The goal of this project will be to provide a central point for interacting with home automation, playing music, and the incorporation of fiber optics to display the Zodiac. Currently, I have installed over 2500 fiber optic fibers into the melamine which will play host to the concrete soon to be poured. These fibers run from .25 mm to .75 mm in diameter to enhance the effect of the stars. I've seen fiberoptic tables before, but many seem gimmicky simply because the number of fiberoptic strands are few, that they ignore the intent of the desired effect from the very beginning.

The user will interact with the concrete table's constellations by placing an RFID tag upon the surface of the table. Imbedded in the concrete is the antenna for a parallax RFID reader connected to an Arduino. The Arduino will set the assigned pins for each constellation high when the a specific constellation's card is layer down.

  • 2 years in the making

    Emerson Garland01/03/2016 at 00:09 0 comments

    Job transitions and traveling have kept me from giving this project the necessary love it deserved. However, over christmas break, much work has been done!

    The table has been poured and the constellations wired to 12 leds. The general background is illuminated by switching a relay controlling 2 4ft led florescent replacements... It looks amazing and must say its better than I expected. Kicking myself for letting the project slip!

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dearuserhron wrote 05/26/2021 at 12:43 point

As I was a kid, I have seen similar device at Gorbushka market at Moscow. It was a vertical black piece of wall, displaying animated galaxies. And I was wandering of the existence of the light bulbs as small as 1.0 mm, that can change colors on-the-fly.

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