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A project log for Dream Inducer

EEG and Android app that displays photos, videos, and music to influence the dreamer's dreams

Edsel Alexis ValleEdsel Alexis Valle 08/21/2014 at 05:340 Comments

I kept some project logs on paper I'm transferring the ones I have so far.
Late July.
At this point I knew little about how EEGs,the heart of my project, work. After looking around and researching I finally grasp the basic concept. Reading lots on filter theory and Fourier transform helped me understand what I am about to undergo. After a week or so of research I felt like I knew enough of Fourier transforms implement it in my project. So far I know what I want to do in mind and also how I am going to implement it. Instrumentation Amplifier -> active filters -> micro controller to do FFT ->Bluetooth.