Automatic Gas Leak Detector & Fire Safety System

A low cost system that automatically shuts off the supply of gas when it detects a gas leak or fire.

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Gas leaks often occur due to faulty piping, an exhausted flame or a person forgetting to turn off the gas knob. People often realize this when they smell the leaking LPG, but if the person is not present, the leak leads to wastage and hazardous accumulation of gas. Typical devices used in households are smoke alarms, which only sound an alarm after a fire has already started and have no way of shutting off the supply of gas. They require human intervention and often trigger falsely when they detect smoke & steam that is formed when cooking food.

The project uses various gas, air, environmental, flame, smoke & temperature sensors. A servo motor fixed onto the gas regulator knob/supply valve can control the flow of gas. When the microcontroller detects a leak, it automatically shuts off the gas supply & alerts the user (sound alarm & internet notification). Using multiple sensors (flame, smoke & gas) prevents false positives.

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