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A project log for Badgemaker - Name Tag Fabrication Made Easy!

This machine allows children to get into touch with the personal fabrication technology by enabling them to create their own name tags.

Moritz MesserschmidtMoritz Messerschmidt 10/15/2017 at 22:590 Comments

As we have received so much good feedback and several people have already asked for an instructable, we are currently developing a new version of the 'Badgemaker' which will improve several things. With the new generation we also intend to publish an instructable. It will be more compact, less expensive and hopefully provide an even more intuitive & comfortable user interaction. One essential drawback of the current version is that with only one device, the creation of one name tag, can take about 4-7 minutes. We try to reduce the time, a user is not involved (which is the time spent on calculations or the engraving process) for the next generation. 

We hope to build multiple devices of the new generation in future and want to offer them to children workshops, so that children in these workshops can explore the fabrication technology using the 'Badgemaker'.