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Arcade games on the Micro:bit

dehipude Éhipu 12/15/2017 at 21:070 Comments

I didn't manage to get that display to work, even though the circuit is copied directly from the datasheet.  Interestingly, the modules with this display that I have use completely different values for all the components than the datasheet says — I tried with those too, to no avail. So I decided to take a step back and do it the easier way.

There is a very small, minimalist module with this display designed as a shield for one of the new ESP32 boards, that will work just fine for my purposes. It already has all the needed components and it's working, so I will just use that. In addition, because now I have the display on a separate PCB, I can stack that PCB over the bolts, so I can use regular holes for the bolts, and change the orientation of the whole device, so that the A and B buttons of the micro:bit can also be used as shoulder buttons.

The PCB looks like this:

I also decided to use an ATtiny24 for handling the buttons — this way I can write the latching code exactly the way I want it, and also do debouncing and all that internally. I briefly considering just using the analog pin and a bunch of resistors for the buttons, but I don't trust those bolt connections.