3D Printing Rings

A project log for Lord of the Rings

Utilizing 8 accelerometers mounted on 3D printed rings, LOTR gives users the ability to type anywhere and anyway.

Rishi SalwiRishi Salwi 10/16/2017 at 03:260 Comments

Printing the rings presented its own set of challenges. The printers that we had used were communal, meaning that we had to share printing time with other people. If a printer did not work, or if a another person had to print an especially large item, our time was constrained even further. Considering that both of these inconveniences were relatively common, our printing time was significantly increased. Being that the printers were communal, there were many people “cutting in line” to use the printers. Our print time was augmented severely by the multitude of people who skipped ahead of everyone to immediately print their part. The quality and type of material used in different printers also became a nuisance. Some printing materials were far tougher than others, and others led to inconsistencies in the rings. Eventually, we were able to obtain a high quality set of rings to use in the project.