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A project log for Scout monitoring system

Complete off-the-grid radio tracking network with online map service

Mikko LMikko L 10/16/2017 at 19:390 Comments

The scout competition launched on 16th September in Southern Finland. It was an early morning when 37 trackers were distributed to the teams to be sent to deep forests. It was clear in the beginning that the most will stay in the forest even when it was dark and having to manage on their own.

With the exception.

We as the organizers of the competition had a direct insight to their position. We were able to estimate when they were getting "too" lost and were able to deploy a search-and-rescue team. A few times this was really needed.

We were able to change the way the competition status is monitored. We were able to see when the scout teams arrive to checkpoints and give an early warning to the checkpoint operators to prepare or to disassemble when every team had passed the checkpoint. On top of that, we were able to speed up the rescuing process if a team got lost. Finding a lost team from a 1x2km area in darkness and rain is not an easy task - unless you know the exact position.

The project can change the world. If more events employ live tracking, the events can be safer and much more educative - the team can see afterwards where they have been. The teams can truly learn from their mistakes.

Licensing during the project: most of the software can be licensed under MIT or GPL and on some occassions, GPL applies.