Flying Moonbounce

A Safe Moonbounce IN THE SKY

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You know what a moonbounce is, right? well imagine a moonbounce, IN THE SKY. nuff said. design is like a sphere within a sphere, or a cylinder within a cylinder, with at least one portal secured with a safety net which latches via carabiner clip around the doorway, to keep occupants inside. The flying moonbounce can be tethered to a tree or something, away from power lines, and towed in with a winch. in the event of natural disaster such as a tornado, the moonbounce can be untethered to the earth and allowed to 'go with the flow'. a 140,000 ft rope ladder is included in case of emergency, or you can just poke a hole in it and not smoke, because it is filled with hydrogen. if anyone knows anybody in the inflatable manufacturing industry, i could use a giant , hollow inflatable sphere or cylinder.. or lots of inflatable 'donuts' of varying inner and outer diameters, with lots of fasteners built in to fasten the whole thing together so nobody falls out.

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PointyOintment wrote 08/21/2014 at 18:50 point
I thought you meant this: until well after "You know what a moonbounce is, right?".

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