Watertight Enclosure

A project log for RovMaker Edge : Open-Source Underwater Robot

Make tools to explore the underwater world and inspire everyone to become a DIY ocean explorer. Project by ROVMAKER. Based on Ardusub.

shikang zhou 10/17/2017 at 08:220 Comments

Watertight Enclosure

The watertight of underwater robots is very important. Tube and watertight enclosure are made of CNC aluminum.

The enclosure is traditional seal structure, it's easy to arrange the internal components. Edge has two enclosure, one for battery the other for electronic. 

 SIZE: (Outer diameter x length ) 110x250 and 90x200mm.

Cable Penetrator:

 Ring for acrylic end cup:

Series o-ring flanges:

  We also make series type of tube, parts of them are in the picture. 

The Raspberry pi and pixhawk can be easily put in. We built an NI myRIO edition and an Intel Edison edition.

looks like this:

 This image is the layout of another ROV we built.