DIY Pinball, the cheap way :)

A 3/4 sized pinball table running on 12v and cheap ebay bits

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I'm building a 3/4 scale pinball table. As parts arrive from china i thought i'd construct a test table so that i can test out each element and work out what engineering challenges i am yet to face. See it in action here test table is 27cm x 40cm on a 4 degree incline. Flippers where designed in Fusion360, thingiverse link

The orange PLA i used to print the flippers is quite old and produced some interesting patterns on the exterior but at 60% infill they are very strong.

I decided to use remote car door lock motors to power the flippers since 12v solenoids don't give enough push for a proper pinball experience.

There is much still left to do, this was a 1 day build using particle board, cardboard and hot melt glue. Pretty happy with the results so far :)


Just created some drop targets for this project. All files are here

JPEG Image - 730.48 kB - 10/21/2017 at 13:40


  • DIY pinball part 3 - Inserts

    Chris Mitchell6 days ago 0 comments

    A pinball insert (table roll over switch) Using cheap SS49E hall effect sensors and neodymium magnets.

    Video about it here:

    STL's & Fusion360 project can be found here:

    All parts printed in PLA.
    The clear lens in PLA transparent.
    For testing i printed a large apron around the sensor so i could roll the ball across the sensor.
    I the final design i would only print the lens to fit within the sensor case.
    The single LED will probably be replaced with 3xAPA102 LED's...more info on the why later :)

    It's not the easiest way to make a switch but it won't alter the balls trajectory and it's completely reliable.

    I may or may not include this in the final design.

    Parts used...
    3x SS49E Hall effect sensor
    6x Neodymium magnet N35 5mmx2mm

    I connected the 3 hall effect sensors in parallel so that any increase in voltage from either of the 3 sensors would trigger a ball present. In the video i am using a arduino (Wemos D1) but in the final design it will be a simple resistor and transistor pair that will provide a signal much like any switch would.

  • DIY Pinball - Part 2 - Drop targets

    Chris Mitchell10/22/2017 at 13:28 0 comments

    The drop targets have been printed and tested, they work great :)

    Made in Fusion360

    All files are available here

    I'm yet to decide if i will use a solenoid or a motor/wheel to do the reset, will update the model when i do :)

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ernesto.villarreal wrote 10/28/2017 at 18:23 point

Thanks for the idea!

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