DIY Pinball - Drop targets with reset

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A 3/4 sized pinball table running on 12v and cheap ebay bits

chris-mitchellChris Mitchell 01/28/2018 at 04:240 Comments

Finally after many many iterations and bad ideas, i present the best bad idea yet :)

And it works !

A modular pinball drop target.
As part of my DIY pinball project i needed to design some drop targets.
This is a complete/final model that works just fine.

I used a small piece of elastic band to put tension on the target, i tried using a spring but it was too much for the server. perhaps a softer spring could work.

Servo motor: Tower pro (13mm*24mm)
Micro switch with NC & NO contacts.

The model was designed in Fusion360 and is included for download. It has been a long work in progress and some mistakes were made along the way.
As for the reset mechanism, well this was just the best of the bad ideas i had and it seems to work fine in testing so long as the servo's had plenty of current yo work with.

It is modular with a common bolt hole in the base so you can connect as many as you like.

Fusion & STL files