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A project log for Modular Gamepad: swappable controls, any console

A video game controller that allows you to swap control modules (analog sticks, buttons, D-pads, knobs, etc.) and works with any console

PointyOintmentPointyOintment 08/21/2014 at 06:050 Comments

This was the first video I made for one of my three two THP entries, and it’s definitely the nicest-looking one. I made it primarily with Keynote, and then added in the video clip at the beginning using iMovie. I used Keynote’s “Record Presentation” function to record the timings and voiceover, and then just exported the recorded presentation as a video to import into iMovie. This was my first time using iMovie in a few years, and it’s changed a lot. I had to look up how to do basic things because they weren’t where I was used to seeing them. Also, it seems that iMovie only allows one and a half video tracks. I guess this isn’t a reduction from how it was earlier, but I was expecting to be able to do multi-track editing for some reason. Apart from that it was pretty easy; it just took a while to find the photos, make the slides, set up animations, and edit the video. Enjoy!