• Creeping Back to Life

    deʃhipu09/12/2018 at 09:36 0 comments

    Yes, this project spent quite a bit of time in a drawer. I got the AMG8833 sensor to play with, but I didn't really have a good idea about what I want to do with it. Then I designed this PCB with a footprint for that sensor, an atmega and a LED matrix, hoping that with enough magic I can make it into a kind of thermal camera. Then the PCB arrived together with a bunch of other PCBs, and got put into a drawer.

    Fast forward a few months, and the #The Square Inch Project is back. I looked through my projects, and noticed that hey, this PCB is 2cm on a side to fit the LED matrix, and that's less than an inch, so why not. So I submitted it to the contest and promptly forgot about it.

    Now the deadline is looming, and it would be nice to at least start on this. So I took the PCB and soldered it up, and also found all the components that I will need:

    I used the female pin headers in the prototype so that I can remove the led matrix. The final version will not have them, and the led matrix will be soldered directly -- at least that's the plan.

    There will also be a lipo battery in there.

    Now I need to write the code for the atmega to handle the led matrix.