MCSO Meeting 11/10/17

A project log for Stranger Danger Robot

Robot that uses facial recognition to greet people if they are smiling.

sarahekairebsarahekaireb 11/27/2017 at 02:290 Comments

GOAL: Every group should something to show at the next meeting. By the next meeting you should be able to demonstrate something to the club and it should inform us what the next step is.

(Remember prototypes should be quick and dirty, take as little time and money as possible to test out the idea)

Next Meeting is 11/30/17

Facial Recognition Group 

Next goal: 

- Stationary prototype

(go through the process of setting up linux box and open cv, and hook up camera, and try out different sample codes)


- Recognize someone is there

- Recognize someone is smiling

- Cause a reaction to occur based if the person is smiling


- raspberry pi / computer that can run linux / linux virtual machine

- camera

Robotic Car Group (Programming and Hardware)

Next goal: 

- Remote control car prototype that has obstacle avoidance


- Remote controlled

- Can carry 3 pounds

- Has its own power source


- Arduino

- Motors

- Motor drivers

- Wheels

- Battery

- Platform

Controller Interface Group

Next Goal: 

- Get a message protocol working that is capable of communicating between a raspberry pi and Arduino


- Library that runs on the pc or raspberry pi

- Communicate across different devices

- Raspberry Pi should be able to give motors commands

- Arduino should receive commands


- Arduino

- Raspberry Pi