FPGA Function Generator

This uses a Mojo V3 FPGA board with a simple resistive network DAC to make a function generator.

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This uses a Mojo V3 FPGA board from Embedded Micro. By using a simple to make resistive network DAC, it can output almost any waveform that you can code.
  • 1 × Mojo V3 development board This FPGA board can be found on amazon or sparkfun.
  • 1 × Mojo protoboard This is a prototyping shield for the Mojo board
  • 19 × 1K ohm resistor 1/4 W through hole. Alternatively 7 2K and 5 1K
  • 1 × Incremental Rotary Encoder (optional) I use a 20-detent, but the choice is up to you.
  • 1 × Male BNC plug (optional) This makes a nice output for your function gen

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