PCB files soon...

A project log for DAQiri: A Data Acquisition and Control Platform

A benchtop DAQ system based on the Parallax Propeller

Andrew StarrAndrew Starr 10/29/2017 at 05:220 Comments

PCB files will be uploaded once I have fixed a small error in the mounting hole placement of the card guide footprint,. You might also have noticed some kludge wires on the USB port in the photos - Rev A unfortunately has the USB pins reversed (fixed in Rev B).

There is no software to speak of yet, although I did load a blinky light program to test the CPU and user LEDs. Software will only be required once I start producing accessory cards. I have a design ready to go for a 3 channel stepper motor driver (for 28BYJ-48 motors). After that will be a 4 channel 16-bit D/A card.