Arduino Powered Smartwatch

Build a afordable Arduino-Powered smartwatch based around a Nokia 5110 Display.

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I'm currently working on building a smartwatch with the following key components:
- ATSAMD21G Processor
- MPU 9250 9-DOF
- Nokia 5510 LCD Display

This project started out with a simple goal: build somthing that was a step up from my tried and true basic "feature watch" that I could add my own behaviors to. I knew that were available small arduino boards that could potentially power such a device, and with a few weeks of research, I gathered the necessary materials to build a prototype:

(For the curious the primary components of the prototype were an Adafruit Feather M0 board, Adafruit's Nokia 5510 display breakout, and a Sparkfun Blackberry trackball breakout (since disconinued)

Although the prototype was moderatly successful, there were a few issues I would never be able to get arround. The thing was quite bulky and the exposed wireing had durrablillity issues. It is for this reason I have set out to build a succesor on a custom PCB with a slightly adjusted feature set.

The new version will keep the same microprocessor as the prototype (an ATSAMD21) an the same display, but will use a 5-way switch in place of the trackball (done for reasons of simplicity) and add a 9-DOF chip.


Current revision of the Eagle board file

x-eagle-board - 195.17 kB - 10/29/2017 at 20:31



Current revison of the Eagle schematic file

x-eagle-schematic - 811.40 kB - 10/29/2017 at 20:30


  • Progress so far

    Jackson10/29/2017 at 21:05 0 comments

    Where I am so far:

    So far I have already ordered a set of PCBs which I'm not going to use because they have several design defects that I have since corrected. Before I realized this though I ordered all of the components that I would have needed to assemble the PCB. This shouldn't be a problem because the parts list shouldn't change too much but it will necessitate another round of ordering parts.

    The plan going forward:

    When I get the finalized set of PCBs and the remaining parts. I will need to assemble the circut board. I am planning on using solder paste and a toaster oven to solder the SMD components (I've never done this before I'm curious for any feedback that anyone could provide). Once all of the components are in place, I will need to upload the Arduino bootloader to the board. I plan on using a Bus Pirate board (apperently it can act as a JTAG programmer) in order to accomplish this (looking for feedback and advice on this to). Once that is completed all that should be left is creating the program for the watch through the Arduino IDE.

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