• Progress Report Final

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    Designing a user interactive game entitled Road Runner using LPC2148.


    a. User presses start button to start the game.

    b. Wolves come for the rabbit.

    c. The rabbit jumps to dodge the wolves. The jump is controlled using a button.

    d. If rabbit collides with wolf, game over message is displayed.

    e. Player score is updated as he dodges the wolves.

    f. Once the game is over, reset button is hit to restart the game.



    a. LPC 2148 blue board.

    b. Nokia 5110 LCD display: 48 X 84 pixels matrix LCD controller with PCD 8544 driver, operating at 3.3V. It is a low power consumption screen which comes with background light. The background light can be enabled/disabled using a button.

    The PCD8544 is a low power CMOS LCD driver, designed to drive a graphic display of 48 rows and 84 columns. The PCD8544 interfaces to microcontrollers through a serial bus interface. The PCD8544 is manufactured in n-well CMOS technology.

    c. RF module (transmitter / receiver): it is used for accessing the gaming controls in a wireless mode. It is connected to a 6F22 9V battery for power supply.

    d. Inbuilt DACR register on development board to generate sound effects.

  • BITS EEE G512- Implementation of ROAD RUNNER game on LPC2148

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  • Game module designed till 18/11/2017

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  • Progress report

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    1) Interfacing of NOKIA 5110 LCD with LPC2148.

    Working on:

    1) gameplay


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    Tasks completed:
    - Drawing pixeled images of wolf and rabbit.
    - Interfacing of RF module with LPC2148.
    - Displaying and incrementing game score with time.

    Working on:
    - Interfacing of GLCD/OLED with LPC2148.
    - Generating sound effects with DACR register.

  • Progress till 29-Oct-2017

    Akshay Joshi10/30/2017 at 12:51 0 comments

    Tasks completed:

    - Have arranged the OLED and GLCD display.

    - Implemented animation through basic C programming without the usage of <graphics.h>.

    Ongoing tasks:

    - We are searching for libraries to interface OLED / GLCD with LPC2148.

    - Preparing graphic characters (wolf, rabbit, other obstacles) through pixels. Also searching for ways if we can import some image and use them directly.

    Tasks to do:

    - Interfacing OLED / GLCD with LPC2148.

    - Setting game characters to motion.