A wireless remote monitoring system for electric fences with
pulse display and analysis

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Features a ‘scope type display, with pulse analysis. The waveform indicates “open”, “short”, and load, plus data is stored from a normal pulse (correctly operating fence) and used for comparison. Pulse height (voltage) and area under the pulse (energy) analysis are implemented, and later will use the reflected pulse area as an indication of damping (load) A simple numerical analysis of voltage and energy (% of normal) appear on screen once a button has been pressed to capture a good pulse. Files and PDF at for two versions: 1. Arduino DUE sender, to an Arduino MEGA house display. (The sender can also be compiled as a “stand-alone”) 2. Arduino based sender, reporting to EXCEL graphical display via an USB HC-12 433 MHz dongle. Features a current clamp to avoid a HV pickup

A project to graphically monitor your electric fence from the house using 433 Mhz HC-12 wireless modules. It is an original, unique approach to maintaining fence integrity

This project avoids any need to deal with HV, as it uses a very cheap current sensor clamped about the earth wire.

After six months of use, I find the graphical display is great,  and a quick glance  as you pass the monitor will soon inform if fence health is not normal. (Consider it like an ECG. Your doctor only has to glance at the pattern and instantly knows what goes on)

This is not the cheapest project as it uses both Arduino DUE and Arduino MEGA, as well as displays, power supplies, and cases, but for farmers who understand the liability brought by animals on the road, is well worth the investment.


Project build notes and software

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  • Improved SUPPORT NOTES, and a TO DO list

    peter ward04/16/2018 at 10:10 0 comments

    After six months of operation, supporting notes have been revised to illustrate typical pulse forms to be expected under various field conditions, and the opportunity was taken to tidy and make them more coherent. They are part of the package containing the software, downloaded on the /IOT  page

    Several needs have emerged, to be addressed

    1. A fault log could be built, so small intermittent faults could be noticed

    2. Text message to phone could be useful.

    3. Some fault conditions are not flagged by triggering the warning buzzer, to be investigated

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Nathan Carroll wrote 08/07/2019 at 01:45 point

Thank you for posting your experience with electric fence monitoring.  I apologize if this is a silly question, but is the current clamp around the fence's ground or the fence charger's ground (from the AC outlet to the energizer)?

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rr22520 wrote 11/10/2019 at 15:11 point

I am getting ready to build this for a animal end of life facility, I am guessing that you are implying that there is some voltage above the AC ground since the fence energizer is the output of a transformer and there can be some distance/resistance between the point of measurement and the reference ground supplying the fence energizer? I will have to add some measurement capability in for that! (even though I will have to reference the local earth ground with a rod)

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