• camCaseMk1 == failed slinky

    nitr1c10/09/2016 at 09:22 0 comments

    I uploaded camCaseMk1.zip as an example of prototyping progress. The alignment features between the sandwich pieces for the board didn't print well (waaaaay too small, need to make these better), the top cover has no way of locking in place, and the ear clip is both incredibly too large and not adjustable. It would be replaceable if the slide-in features worked, but those also didn't come out well, so they require redesign. One step at a time is how you get down the stairs :P I have a pretty good idea for the alignment features, so that'll probably be the first thing fixed for Mk2.

  • Modelling the Webcam

    nitr1c09/21/2016 at 03:42 0 comments

    The very first thing about a headmounted webcam is that it should be a webcam on your head. To achieve that, I've started trying to match the board shape with CAD and a 3D printer for the ultimate goal of making a custom ear mount (may change to a different body part) for the webcam.


    nitr1c08/25/2014 at 07:44 0 comments

    I came up with this project when I had no time to do it. And now I have time, so it's happening.