The ThadenPierce Visit

A project log for Bennett's Remember-It-All

Spheres that convert color to musical notes and vice versa.

maker.stratemaker.strate 08/21/2014 at 05:050 Comments

All the ThadenPierce children were excited by the prototype and much fun was had exploring what crayons sound like. The children are extremely close; Bennett is surrounded by love and support. To have any meaningful impact it’s essential to include the whole clan. They’re my endusers, as it were, and an unused tool is a useless tool. I asked all the children to consider the device and it’s possible uses. What do they want it to do? What would they do with it. Little Miss O, the youngest of the clan instantly wanted to know if she could have her own so that she could make up songs for Bennett. From there the children wondered if they could all record songs and share them. Maybe they could get others to join in too. They already collect postcards from far away places, why not colors and music too.