Machining a sprocket on a drillpress

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Turn excess kinetic energy into electrical energy rather than waste all it as heat. Built from commonly available and recycled parts.

recyclojunkrecyclojunk 08/21/2014 at 06:171 Comment

Testing of the preliminary switchmode converter worked well, but after braking too hard while going too fast, the plastic sprocket shattered. Probably because the M4 screw bent, but I think it needs a metal sprocket instead. Unfortunantly the only metal sprocket for this type of chain I have is the one already on the bike's wheel, so I needed to drill one out on the drillpress and round it off with the dremel.

After many hours of tedious drilling and grinding, the sprocket is finished. It works well.


PointyOintment wrote 08/22/2014 at 22:52 point
It's not a great idea to do that on a drill press because their bearings are designed for axial loading only. Use a lathe or mill if you can. Congratulations on making a working sprocket, though!

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