The Idea

A project log for Cloudy McCloudface

Everything's moving to the cloud. So does this weather-forecast display.

Wilfried NesensohnWilfried Nesensohn 11/13/2017 at 14:070 Comments

CloudyMcCloudface, Project Title "CloudIA", was born out of the idea of @Richard Deininger to build something like the Floating Cloud because that's a pretty cool thingy, but the price tag is just a tiny bit ludicrous.

So the levitating idea was ditched pretty early on, getting way too expensive with all the levitating and induction stuff going on, and we decided to possibly build something which just hangs from some ceiling.

What remained was the cloud. And because an "ambient LED lamp" is pretty lame to be honest, it was quickly decided that a weather forecast display was the way to go.