• the idea

    Øystein11/07/2017 at 23:07 0 comments

    At kidsexpo I got unreasonably frustrated with a cool replica of a gun from overwatch made by cosplayer White spring cosplay. So I used some spare time during kidsexpo to make this displaypiece for the rifle. As usual, I started sketching it out in fusion 360. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Got to try some fun techniques including peck drilling. When making hold-downs for your material, peck drilling is a technique for clearing chips from your tool. As my oak baseplate was 28mm thick this was quite useful. I also got to test my half inch bit more. The deep pockets I made one 14 mm in oak and 18 in valchromat was a fun test. my cut speed was 4000mm/min at 1800 rpm(note: multiple depths was used). that seemed to be no problem for the shopbot.

    Cutting in oak with a half inch bit.

    After the pieces was assembled, it looked like this:

    The support arms are loose and can be fitted where suitable for the prop. The whole model is also parametric some most aspects can be changed quite easily. Thats it for today!