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A project log for Automated Home Inventory

A way of knowing what is on hand and what a home needs to get more of.

Joel B CarverJoel B Carver 01/22/2016 at 16:140 Comments

People are following me so I thought I should give some kind of update.

What have I been doing:

Well being a software developer I started on the software first. I had something that for the most part worked but the code was not very pretty and I really did not use any standard design. The truth is that I am kind of embarrassed of it. So I have been rewriting my code base in the MCV style. And due to life I dont get to work on the fun stuff.

A glimpses of what I have been working on:

I also have been working a ncurses interface just because.

The other thing that I have been working on it the first part of the automation. It is going to be a can rack that will use a limit switch or an opto switch (not sure which it use) to count new cans to the rack and cans used. My work has been on making a modular rack where I only have to use one microcontroller for many racks that I can just add on to the end. I will add more info about this soon.

I will also post a link to the gitlab page I keep my code on when I have something that is working again and that I am a little more proud of.