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A project log for Electric Heart

A dual analog SMPS using components that the average maker is likely to have lying around

Jakob WulfkindJakob Wulfkind 03/22/2018 at 20:260 Comments

So as you may have guessed by this project's feed entry, I didn't just start work today on it, but since I managed to get four days off in a row from work I'm declaring the next few days to be my own personal mini-hackathon for this power supply project, which will hopefully end in me completing the documentation for this project, finishing the design equations, and being able to reliably produce this power supply in whatever number is necesary. 

Where I am so far:

I have already built this circuit a few times and verified that it does reliably produce a steady current at the desired voltage (highest it's gone is 67v) and is reasonably tolerant of load changes (so far I just tested it with a potentiometer and a 555 attached to a dummy load MOSFET). Because of a recent move, the assembled circuit wound up being bounced around in a briefcase for several weeks and now needs to be reassembled.

What I hope to accomplish this weekend: 

I desperately need a bench power supply (or five) for other projects, so I'm hoping to get one assembled, tested, and working that can output two selectable voltages with variable current control and read out said voltages/currents on an LCD panel. I also hope to finish adapting this into a fully parametric design so that others can build this power supply from scratch without needing to bash their heads against several pages of calculus like I did. 

What the future holds:  

I'm hoping to adapt this system into something that I can sell on Tindie, and also planning on adapting it for power-harversting purposes like MPPT controllers for solar panels and charge/speed controllers for wind turbines.