"In The Back Alley": Supercon Film Festival Entry

A project log for Panning Time-Lapse with Supercon 2017 CamBadge

Superconference 2017 weekend project: take panning time-lapse videos with the camera badge

rogerRoger 11/12/2017 at 18:450 Comments

I've looked through the footage I recorded yesterday and picked out my favorite subset which I can link together into a theme. Since the camera works best in outdoor lighting, it's not surprising the best footage were recorded outside. Assembling the time-lapse video from the front entryway and the back alley tells a story: "In the Back Alley of Supercon 2017"

Unfortunately my cell phone camera lost some color and detail in the translation, and added an unwelcome flicker. For the best quality, watch it directly on a camera badge. Anybody with a camera badge can put this on their own device. 

All the individual video clips have been uploaded to the "Files" section of this project. 

The source code of app that displays the text and plays the video is in avitrim.c. Part of the public Github repository in the "Links" section of this project.

Copy all the AVI files to the root directory of the SD card. Clone the Github repository (or incorporate my avitrim.c into your MPLAB X project) and build the *.hex file. Once the *.hex is flashed onto the badge, there will be a "PLAYFILM" app for the 1-minute documentary.

The camera badge is silent. The YouTube audio track is from their royalty-free music library.