Closing Out

A project log for Panning Time-Lapse with Supercon 2017 CamBadge

Superconference 2017 weekend project: take panning time-lapse videos with the camera badge

rogerRoger 11/13/2017 at 22:390 Comments

I had intended to do some cleanup on this project before closing it out as "Complete", but I've since changed my mind. I now prefer to leave it in its raw crude state.

Is the panning base a polished piece of equipment? Will I point to it proudly and say "This is the quality I can build"? Hell no. It is just what I could put together on a short schedule.

Is the camera software a shining example of application design and code quality? Certainly not. It is just what I could figure out between starting from scratch on Friday afternoon and "good enough" for me to start shooting footage Saturday afternoon. Then "good enough" for me to show it off to people in a 1-minute short.

I shall take pride in what it is. 

Not a "Supercon Badge Refined Product".

It was a Supercon Badge HACK.

Another factor: during the closing ceremony Hackaday Mike wanted the community to be welcoming and supportive of curious beginners who want to get started in this world. While working at the badge hacking table, I heard "Oh wow, I could never do that" a few times from spectators who stopped by and asked about the various projects under construction. 

Maybe they are just being polite, but if they're honest, that makes me sad. Because it means the badge hacking projects failed to inspire newcomers to jump in - it has intimidated them from even trying.

That's not what we want.

So by leaving my project it this state, I hope to show people:

You can turn your idea into reality.

Don't be afraid.

Jump in and do it.