2017 SCB: Very Basic Badge

How to make the supercon badge display your name.

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Just have the board display a little bit of text. Nothing fancy.

Please see the main badge page.


refactored to be array based. Looks exactly the same.

C Source File - 2.17 kB - 11/12/2017 at 00:49



have a rainbow background

C Source File - 2.21 kB - 11/11/2017 at 23:50



new code with color settings at top

C Source File - 1.94 kB - 11/11/2017 at 23:17



Example of how to add new apps to the appmap

h - 1002.00 bytes - 11/11/2017 at 22:20


  • Refactored rainbow

    carlynorama11/12/2017 at 00:48 0 comments

    Looks exactly the same. Code different. 

    At the top:

    #define rainbow_numberofcolors 7
    const unsigned short rainbowcols[rainbow_numberofcolors] = {
        rgbto16(255,0,0), rgbto16(255,165,0), rgbto16(255,255,0), rgbto16(0,128,0), rgbto16(0,0,255), rgbto16(75,0,130), rgbto16(238,130,238)

    In the start:

    unsigned int barheight = dispheight/rainbow_numberofcolors;
             for( i  = 0; i < rainbow_numberofcolors-1; i = i + 1 ){
                 plotblock(0, i*barheight, dispwidth, barheight, rainbowcols[i]);

  • Rainbows as requested.

    carlynorama11/11/2017 at 23:39 0 comments

    Added a version to make rainbow stripes, hard coded the longway.

    right now, super lazy hardcoded way. 

    plotblock(0, 0, dispwidth, 20, rgbto16(255,0,0));
    plotblock(0, 20, dispwidth, 20, rgbto16(255,165,0));
    plotblock(0, 40, dispwidth, 20, rgbto16(255,255,0));
    plotblock(0, 60, dispwidth, 20, rgbto16(0,128,0));
    plotblock(0, 80, dispwidth, 20, rgbto16(0,0,255));
    plotblock(0, 100, dispwidth, 20, rgbto16(75,0,130));
    plotblock(0, 120, dispwidth, 20, rgbto16(238,130,238));

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  • 1
    Get the new app to appear on the badge, fast instructions

    Add an app the easy way

    • Right click on the demo_app file and select copy
    • Right click on "Source Files" and select paste
    • Change name of new file to name of main function of app, i.e. "basicbadge"
    • Open that file and paste code for app
    • Add references to it in the appmap file. See example.
    • If hex won't compile, close and then open the project again.

    alternatively you can download the files and import them in to the project with your prefered method. 

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