Airfilter pressure chamber

A small chamber for sucking most of the air out, and replacing it with another gas. It will be used to test filtering of air.

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By making this chamber it will be possible to test how well an airfilter filters the gas that is beeing released into the chamber. My main motivation for this chamber is to have some way of testing my ideas for a C02 filter. While my idea for an CO2-to-O2-airfilter might be a bit far fetched, this chamber is not to hard to build.

The gas-inlet will be made of plumbing pipes and a CO2 quickloader for paintball, as my source for CO2 will be 12g CO2 cartridges meant for paintball and airsoft. The microcontroller will be an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and it will read the CO2 saturation on both sides of the airfilter to determine the effectiveness of the filter over time.

the chamber itself will be clear PVC.

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