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A project log for ESP and WS2812 based clock

Stylish clock project based on an ESP-01 module with arendst - tasmota software

KjetilKjetil 11/17/2017 at 18:540 Comments

Today i have tested the clock from mqtt and node-red

cmnd/Clock∕Dimmer 100
sets full power, value from 0 to 100.

cmnd/Clock/Color 00F000
sets bright green color (RRGGBB)

cmnd/Clock/Scheme 0
switches mode so the selected color is shown

cmnd/Clock/Scheme 2
switches back to normal clock display

Doorbell has gotten a golden color for a minute.

Bright red is reserved for the day when i get the fire alarm conected

and at the moment a message via Telegram app to my house bot will light the clock green. That is only for test, maybe it will become useful for something. The telegram bot was already set up to sen me a picture from outdoor surveillance cam when somebody is ringing the doorbell.