PCB Rev 0 sent to manufacture, and other good news

A project log for GLOVER

Tactical glove for military stealth communications using hand signals

Bhavesh KakwaniBhavesh Kakwani 11/18/2017 at 00:460 Comments

The full Rev 0 PCB Design is complete and gerbers have been sent to the manufacturer! We are manufacturing 3 prototype boards from the amazing OSHpark. It's a 2-layer board with all the components on one side.

And below is the 3D render for your viewing pleasure.
If you wanna check out the design, the board is called "GLOVER REV 0" in the CircuitMaker community. Don't ask me why they make all the project names all-caps :P

In other good news, we got accepted into an incubator at the University of Toronto! More details to come soon, after signing some documents.