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Automated control of hydroponics Garden with Control Via Blynk

saabmanSaabman 12/18/2017 at 07:040 Comments

This control system is designed run on its own but also make use of the facilities a connected device affords us.

The control unit will be just a box with a few outlets for pumps etc. No buttons, no display. All the feedback and adjustments will be done by a mobile phone interface and for this project Ive chosen to work with the Blynk system.

In a nut shell Blynk allows you to pass data between the Blynk App and your connected device.


Ive put together a Blynk App to get the ball rolling and looks something like this

The Temp, Humidity and Moisture level will be displayed across the top of the screen the sliders below those will adjust the set point for each parameter.

The LED at the bottom is a warning indicator that the water resivior  is low.

The Graph at this stage will display moisture level of the bed over time.