• Electronics schematics

    Viljam Lång08/22/2014 at 10:22 0 comments

    Connectivity schematics for the electronics (with device codes from the process schematic) below. "UDOO" is a tiny PC with embedded arduino due, although I'll be using a separate due board. "Volt. div." is a voltage divider circuit for matching the sensor output to the ADC voltage limits, and "Instr. amp." is an instrumentation amplifier. "Q1"--"Q9" refer to switches, most likely power MOSFETs. Dashed line shows the individual boards; I'll place the pressure sensors (i.e. water level sensors) on the board in order to have the amplification as close to the sensors as possible. I'll make the final schematic with eagle once I've chosen the components. Next-up: Software

  • Process schematic for the system

    Viljam Lång08/21/2014 at 07:51 0 comments

    The process schematic of the NF system is shown below. This is the general plan, I'll go through every detail in later logs.