On to Stage 2 of the NSFWIN Mozilla Challenge

A project log for Community Mesh Engagement Network - Disaster Zones

This is a transportable telecommunications system design to be deployed quickly in disaster zones

hlewhlew 04/27/2018 at 05:060 Comments

On to stage 2 on the National Science Foundation Mozilla wireless challenge.

Now working on a working prototype with benchmark performance

data for the June 22 deadline.

We just received our LimeSDR Mini ( ) 2  weeks ago. We are now trying to

get it to up and running and having some problems with missing

UHD drivers. The support library integration  is not seamless as one would

expect from a newly release product.

Interestingly the LimeSDR is out of stock so we can not use

it as a backup.   My HackRF is not bi-directional so it 

is not a usable option as it can

not send and receive at the same time.

After this step the greatest challenge is figuring out how to 

benchmark the system without access to expensive

hardware and software load simulators.