Small Update

A project log for ESP8266 Based i8008 Emulator

Dollhouse Sized, RS-232 Serial or Wireless, Runs SCELBAL - a BASIC Language From the 70's

Steve LSteve L 05/07/2020 at 01:140 Comments

I've slightly updated this, with two significant changes.

1. The addition of a "hangman" game in 8008 source/object.

2. A transcription error was found and fixed  for the MIL monitor that could crash it on a certain instruction. The is has been fixed in the source and in the 8008 binary.

Still to do, one of these days: come up with a magic keystroke that will bomb you out of an emulation and return you to the menu. My later project with video out can do this in most cases. Right now, the only way to 'leave' an emulation is to reset the ESP8266 in RS-232 mode, or exit the TCP/IP connection in wireless mode.