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A project log for ESP8266 Based i8008 Emulator

Dollhouse Sized, RS-232 Serial or Wireless, Runs SCELBAL - a BASIC Language From the 70's

Steve LSteve L 11/18/2017 at 05:030 Comments

I will have source available for this soon. I want to include a few more running 8008 programs, but I want to get permissions and provide credits for them. So far, I've got SCELBAL, Shooting Stars, and Mike Willegal's ( mini-monitor running. I've found  a bigger, more powerful monitor I'm trying to get running. Also the Galaxy (Star Trek) program is close, but not there yet.

I'm getting some ESP-01S units in, which are like the original ESP-01 but with 1M of flash. With that, I'm fairly certain that I can restore the OTA programming function.

As usual, my software is free, but it comes with an NDA clause - No Disparagement Allowed :) Seriously, I'm more of an idea guy than  coder. My code generally works well, but it it NOT pretty or a fine example or style or technique.