Documenting project afterwards

A project log for Minecraft server display ver 2

Updated standalone project to show the numbers of players on a Minecraft server without booting a computer

KjetilKjetil 11/21/2017 at 20:570 Comments

And specially this one is a little bit tricky.

I do know i took some images, but i can not find them.

I have given away the first unit.

So this project is at the moment without pictures, but you may look at the stl files in a slicer and imagine the result....

But the end documentation might be better, because i will now build one more, and focus a bit more on the documentation when i do.

I will upload images after i have printed a new unit for our own wall. I will then also document the circuit board. At the moment the old one (the cardboard one in another project) is still doing a great job, so it may take a while before i get to make the new one - you know number two- a exact copy is a little more boring to make... .

Just uploaded the Arduino file and the stl design files so you can start building. I do know a lot of you are capable of finishing a project with less info that i have given you here :)