Begun building second unit

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Updated standalone project to show the numbers of players on a Minecraft server without booting a computer

KjetilKjetil 12/25/2017 at 21:540 Comments

Today I begun building the second unit. I have printed the needle and the front frame. I have also made a new file with a simple background graphics for the gauge.

In the picture you could now see what it would be like. Only missing the bottom of the enclosure.

I have also done some testing with pinging an ARK Evolved server as my boys got that game for X-mas. Our server is up running, and the software for the gauge will bee updated to also handle the A2S_INFO query for valve games. The testing so far has only been done from a computer, but as it is a simple protocol it should be easy to implement.

Next time i have time I will print the rest of the enclosure, and work on the pcb.