A project log for Minecraft server display ver 2

Updated standalone project to show the numbers of players on a Minecraft server without booting a computer

KjetilKjetil 01/01/2018 at 22:220 Comments

Designed and ordered a pcb for this project today.
Made the pcb so it also fits in the clock project. It is a small pcb, and to get it big enough to order i had to panelize.
Needed 4 pcs, 120 is soon on its way.... Prize almost the same. Realy hopes the design works.

It is also designed with almost only bottom layer so it should be possible to etch at home.

Eagle design and gerbers will bee uploaded when it is werified working.

I might even try to sell some of the surpluss on ebay if anyone is interested. At least for europe it should be cheaper than ordering a new production....

Then it might be a week or two until arrival.