This video is around ESP8266 module and how to flash mongoose OS to it.It also demonstrates some basic GPIO programming using javascript.Mongoose OS claims as an Operating System for commercial connected products with features like Security, OTA Updates, Remote Management. As Arduino framework is not reliable to run in production environment its a good alternative with  Arduino compatibility layer that allows using existing Arduino drivers for prototyping. It is both C/C++ ready for production and  JavaScript is for fast prototyping on the target hardware. The JS API calls C API. It also features cloud services integration to your projects like AWS, GOOGLE IOT CORE and much more with just a few lines of codes. There are also a lot of features being provided by mongoose OS other than these. You can go through that for which I have dropped a link down below in the description. Coming onto hardware supported, it supports ESP8266, ESP32, CC3200, CC3220 by Texas Instruments, with partial support for  nRF52 by Nordic, STM32 by STMicro.

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