A clock with spiritual messages

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I wanted so many times to be surrounded by custom made technologies that are adapted to my needs and customized to my thoughts. This is why I created this clock that can display spiritual messages at certain times. The hacked messages is not all. The clock comes with a lot of custom features, like keeping the time running in the absence of power up to ten years with the help of a RTC and a coin cell.


   This whole idea started as a thought that I could build my own decorative clock unlike any other. I definitely wanted it to display some text messages from time to time and to be able to have some other features besides this.


- Easy to set-up, program and operate - It was specially designed to be intuitive
- LED 7 segment display
- Comfortable light level that doesn’t disturb you during the night and good contrast during the daytime
- Possibility to adjust the brightness level
- Backlight
- Provides 24h format with hh : mm /ss
- Doesn’t display “0” (the zero character) in front of a number
- Flickers the “:” dots in a random manner
- Displays the tenths of a second in a bar graph LED display 
- Provides data retention for up to ten years in case of power loss or transportation 
- Displays logos at special times or at user request
- Modern look that fits almost every home environment
- Non-glossy 3mm glass case that doesn’t reflect the environment light in a blinding spot
- Robust design and anti-break shock absorbing glass gasket
- Environment friendly and non-toxic PLA plastic used for the case

Cronos 2013 Wall Clock Manual and Specs.pdf

User manual and other specs

Adobe Portable Document Format - 509.53 kB - 12/07/2017 at 04:56



Back image and how to assemble

JPEG Image - 1.38 MB - 12/07/2017 at 04:56



LT spice simulation of the Cronos clock circuit

asc - 2.94 kB - 11/27/2017 at 05:52



ASM file with the firmware

asm - 36.10 kB - 11/22/2017 at 23:10


wall_j2_char list.xlsx

7seg char list

sheet - 22.21 kB - 11/21/2017 at 23:01


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    How to set

    Initially, out of the box, the clock is inactive and it displays nothing, even when powered. To activate the clock, you must set it. This inactive state prevents battery discharging during transportation and warehouse waiting times.

    To set the clock, press the “S” (set) button for at least one second. The clock will display and highlight only the minutes section. In this state, press the “M” (mode) button to increment the value of the minutes. When you finish setting the minute section, move on to the hour section by shortly pressing the “S” button again. This will highlight and display only the hour section. You can increment the hour value by pressing the “M” button. The “M” button can be pressed continuously for automatic fast increment, or step by step for slow increment. When you finished setting the hour section, you must press the “S” button again to return to the main screen and displaying the clock. This will also reset the seconds area and the seconds value to zero. 

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