PCA9685 ERM Haptic Driver Flex Module

The PCA9685 with forward current configuration to driver up to 16 motors (with the help of Darlington arrays). For sale on Tindie.

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Simple board layout for the PCA9685. Can be used to drive 10mA LEDs, but is more useful in controlling motors when paired with external Darlington arrays.

This board is part of Fyber Labs Flex Module project.

With the addition of common darlington arrays (ie. ULN2803A), it can provide up to 16 motor channels with limited circuit design. The updated design is now addressable. The PCA9685 is now in QFN packaging to provide space for the address solder bridges.

Any software related will be released under BSD or MIT license. SAAS or cloud based software will be AGPL.

Creative Commons License

  • 1 × PCA9685 Interface and IO ICs / Display Interface

  • Copper Pours

    Chris Hamilton08/17/2015 at 20:17 0 comments

    With the new design with i2c solder bridge, we have lost some of the copper pours. It shouldn't matter, but there are a lot more close traces now.

  • Improve Solder bridges

    Chris Hamilton08/17/2015 at 20:16 0 comments

    We have narrowed the solder bridges in recent design to improve solderability.

  • Adding i2c pull up option

    Chris Hamilton08/17/2015 at 17:49 0 comments

    Along with switching to 4.7k, we also fit in a solder bridge to make the i2c pull up resistors optional.

  • Rev 1.1

    Chris Hamilton02/18/2015 at 15:29 0 comments

    I have exposed the address pins as solder bridges that are hopefully big enough for hand soldering. In this rev I switched to QFN packaging to fit the added footprints. The castellation layout has been made compatible with other i2c boards.

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