Vectrex cartridge

a PCB with an EPROM for a Vectrex cartridge

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This is my first version of a PCB for building a Vectrex cartridge. I used this for my Kickstarter project for the Bloxorz game. The PCB was manufactured by @oshpark , you can order your board here

It fits in this 3D printed case from Thingiverse (you can order it here in my Shapeways shop), or in one of the nice new injection molded cartridge shells from Sean Kelly, see his webpage, looks like this:

The EPROM is a standard 32 kB type, you can get it for cheap here at Digikey. The capacitor is just any 100 nF ceramic capacitor.

For programming the EPROM I used a TL866 universal programmer. This is a really useful device, you read and view a review about it here at EEVblog.

I tested it with different programs, for example with the original Vectrex game Spike (the copyright owner of the Vectrex games allows to use any original game ROM for non-commercial purposes), for which I added an audio jack to my Vectrex for perfect sound:

And of course, my port of the Bloxorz game:

This is the circuit diagram:

The full Eagle project with schematic and board is in the files section.

PS: the non-buzz European Vetrex version doesn't have the NCART signal, you can instead wire the CE signal.

schematic and board in Eagle format

Zip Archive - 30.22 kB - 11/21/2017 at 12:52


  • final revision of the new board

    Frank Buss01/26/2018 at 18:59 0 comments

    After some problems with the hole position, the final PCB is done now, see this Kickstarter update. This is how it looks like:

    It uses a PIC16F18323 microcontroller for bank switching and synthesizing the NCART signal with the CLC module of it in hardware, and later possibly will receive MIDI data. Instead of the old EPROM, now it has a modern flash chip and can be reprogrammed in-circuit with an external programmer, which I will release later. Full source code and circuit diagram, now in KiCad, is at github.

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oshpark wrote 11/22/2017 at 05:33 point

Nice design!

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Frank Buss wrote 11/22/2017 at 16:13 point

Thanks, but I just used the KiCad autorouter, FreeRouting.jar :-) and the case is not my design.

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