A new use and big software updates

A project log for PCB mill for under $10

pcb mill built from garbage using basic hand tools and little money

shlonkinshlonkin 04/01/2014 at 14:350 Comments

It is always satisfying to find more uses for projects. I guess that's because so many of them just end up on a shelf collecting dust, not that that will likely happen to this tool.

I am working on a stargate for the sci-fi contest (shameless plug for our entry) and was faced with the task of carving lots of tiny details into thin, flat plastic. What an ideal task for this mill. I drew up some svg images of the stargate details and tried milling them into some 1.2mm polypropylene sheet. Here are some of the results.

It was a great success. It also led to several significant software changes listed below.

The updated code is in the usual places: