Summary of results

A project log for Supercon2017 Enhanced imagefx

I added a few fx, enhanced the UI (including a HW hack), and allowed the fx'd images to be saved.

ToddTodd 11/28/2017 at 22:090 Comments
So what did I accomplish:
  1. The badge came with Slowscan, Ghost, Unstabilize and Dither. I decided to make a generic kernel/ convolution matrix processing function I could use in a variety of ways. more about that later.
  2. The UI came with an "Effect" button that looped through the effects. I changed it so there's a forward and back button. Genius, right?
  3. I thought saving the processed image was going to be the hardest part, but like so many of these hacking situations - it's all in reusing what you can.
  4. Adding HW to adjust the effects seemed easy enough at first.... but the corollary to #3 is it's easy (or perhaps just to me) to misunderstand and misuse existing code.

Details on each to follow.