Watch my kidOES!

Using embedded platforms and GPS & GPRS modules attached to my kids lunchbox or jacket, I will be able to monitor their geoposition.

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The whole idea is for me to be able to let my kid run freely in any open market, street or shopping mall. The thing is that my country has a lot of security issues so we can't let kids run freely.

The whole app will have a website where information is uploaded. Every user will have access to their own embedded platform's information.

The idea is to create the project with open source and open hardware to be able to easily replicate the project for a lot of parents on my country and other similar countries.

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edielenee wrote 12/28/2020 at 14:49 point

Is this project working to trace the country location? IF yes kindly guide to make the website for this project. I have made some demo site you can see here

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